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Garden Shed Doors

Garden Shed Doors

Garden Shed Door

Garden Shed Door
Skid Quantity:
Height: 72" (glass 20/21"x25") or 78" (glass 21"x28")
Width: 27", 30 1/2", or 35 3/4"
White (colors available in Spring 2008)
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Features and Benefits
  • Universal - right or left-handed
  • 1 1/4" thick, insulated, polyurethane foam filled panel provides increased weather protection as well as labor & material savings at the time of installation. Only a single 3/4" furring/trim board is required to produce a flush installation in vinylsided structures.
  • 100% steel shell eliminates the potential of swelling and rot associated with doors built with exposed wood or vinyl. Our doors are injected with a proprietary blend, closed-cell foam that completely surrounds the wood reinforcement blocks for exceptional strength, water & dent resistance.
  • Factory applied paint—Roll-coated & baked over a galvanized surface for exceptional resistance to rust, fading, and scratches.
  • Doors are slam tested with over 100,000 high-force impact with no deformation or noticeable effect to the door.
  • Standard duty steel astragal is easy to install and is replaceable if damaged.
  • Heavy duty astragal provides strength & functionality in double door installations and is fitted with weather-stripping providing protection against the elements.
  • 20-gauge steel vertical latch strikeplate for use in double door applications using vertical latches. The strikeplate is designed to protect shed flooring and header at the latch point from breaking out.
Model & Size Specifications
  • All doors are available in 72" and 78" height and 27", 30 1/2" and 35 3/4" width.
  • Glass sizes are 20"/21" x 25" for 72" doors and 21"x 28" for 78" doors.
Color Selection
  • A variety of popular pre-painted colors are available allowing for matching to vinyl siding of the shed and home. Our design provides benefits of factory coating, guaranteed color match at significant cost savings over “wet-coating” of door slabs.
  • Our Garden Shed doors are designed and manufactured with quality materials and workmanship. The 24-month warranty applies to defective materials or workmanship. The warranty commences from the date of manufacture. At our discretion, replacement or repair of product will be provided. Expenses associated with transportation and installation costs are at the owner’s expense.
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